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Landscaping can greatly increase the curb appeal of your home or business. We can help give your yard a refreshing look and show you ways to maximize your yard spaces. Landscaping is more than just providing beautiful visual scenery. The right landscaping can increase your home’s value and curb appeal. Nothing beats an attractive yard that is functional as well. We can show you how it is done.

There are definite benefits to landscape design. These include your ability to connect closer with nature, enhance quality of life, turning unused space into functional space, boosting the value of your property, and much more.

Patios and Fire Pits

Look forward to staying home again with your professionally designed and constructed patio and fire pit. Today’s patios are comfortable, functional and visually pleasing. You can turn your patio into the focal point and gathering place of your home and stay warm with a fire pit.


The journey from the driveway to your door will never be the same once you get a beautiful walkway. Well-designed walkways should be functional and visually appealing.

Pergolas and Trellises

Creating a warm and inviting space in your backyard is an attainable dream. Pergolas and Trellises help achieve that dream by creating warm, inviting spaces.

Water Features

Water features add a certain tranquil and soothing effect to any landscape. Water features attract birds and wildlife and is often the essential ‘finishing touch’ overlooked in completing your landscape design.

Retaining Walls

Landscape retaining walls are excellent solutions for both structural and aesthetic design challenges. If you have significant grade change on your property, retaining walls will create and preserve level areas. By increasing the functional space and preventing soil erosion, you will add lasting value to your home. In addition to shaping and protecting your land, retaining walls may be used to augment other features in the overall design. In conjunction with gardens and patios, sitting walls convert impractical or humdrum spaces into a natural gathering points.

Irrigation System

Proper irrigation is vital to the health of your lawn and landscaping, and at Associated Landscaping we can help ensure your sprinkler system is working well, whether we design and install it or repair and maintain it. We also perform spring startups and winterizing so that your irrigation will be ready for the upcoming seasons. Startups and winterization are both key to ensure that your sprinkler system works properly during the year. During a spring startup, we turn the system on, go through it to make sure everything works correctly, set the timer, and check each zone.